Central Massachusetts

Community Engagement Zone

Thousands of our members are trained annually to build upon a tradition of “hands-on” community involvement. DUO was created to share the “secrets” to our denomination’s reputation for health and long life.  

  • DUO is a community engagement organization that trains teams of Health Educators and Health Advocates (especially, members of faith-based organizations who tend to be an under-utilized asset in every community) to serve as a bridge to community partnerships designed to improve local health outcomes.  Partnerships typically include a constellation of Community Stakeholders who aspire to eliminate health disparities and improve EVERY residents’ quality-of-life.  

    Using relevant data sets, lifestyle-health education programming including Diabetes Undone and Community Depression and Anxiety Recovery, which are based on life-preserving strategies derived from Seventh-day Adventism’s, Eight Principles of Health – our goal is to improve the health of EVERY member of your community. 

    Members of this start-up community based organization are leading health-focused, programs and activities designed to promote physical, mental, spiritual, and social well-being throughout Central Massachusetts by sharing lifestyle principles that make the Seventh-day Adventists the longest living Americans regardless of race, ethnicity, or gender (https://www.bluezones.com/exploration/loma-linda-california/).

    Check our calendar for upcoming events or contact our local representative to see how you can become, “part of the solution” in Central Mass!

Upcoming Events