Our History

A History of Community Health

More than a Century of Health Education.

With almost a 175-year history of lifestyle-health education and research leadership, Seventh-day Adventists, as a denomination, have set the pace in nutrition and health innovation globally. Leaders in the manufacture of health food and preventative lifestyle practices, thousands of our members aspire to continue our tradition of “hands-on” community health improvement throughout the United States and Canada. Our members are known to be the longest living Americans – regardless of race, ethnicity, or gender and this has huge implications for Americans, especially those living in our bustling cities.  Thousands of our members are trained annually to build upon a tradition of “hands-on” community involvement. DUO was created to share the “secrets” to our denomination’s reputation for health and long life.   

DUO Affiliates offer training to the members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church to equip and empower them to provide workshops, seminars, and other  services designed to improve community health outcomes by “meeting people right where they are… and helping them in every way possible.” 

DUO Health Advocates, spearhead community-based, health education programs, in partnership with local Community Stakeholders. These partnerships are central to building residents’ “Health IQ” as we collaborate to create judgement-free environments where they are taught how they, too, can avoid the needless suffering associated with chronic-lifestyle diseases.  Our combined efforts help move our communities, “from sickness to health.”

Health Advocates organize regularly-scheduled events and activities in the following areas:

      • Nutrition & Disease Prevention Lectures & Seminars
      • Plant-based, Whole Food Cooking Classes / Cooking Schools
      • Tobacco Cessation (Vaping)
      • Mental Health-focused Programs
      • Customized Programs – based on each Community’s, Unique Needs.